ClickScan 1.5 is alive!

Version 1.5 Released, now with PDF!

by Chris Hynes - 12 February 2017

Yep, it's been 4 years. ClickScan has been solid, made the transition through Windows 8 and Windows 10 and kept on ticking. I use it daily, and have heard from many that have made it a central part of their business processes.

People have been clamoring for a few things over the years, like scan to PDF, contrast enhance/sharpen, deskew, etc. 1.5 adds all of those, as well as fixing a few bugs.

If you've already got ClickScan installed, the update will be downloaded next time you open ClickScan. If not, download the latest version now and give it a whirl. The free trial is fully functional.


  • Add PDF as an output format
  • Add auto deskew
  • Add auto contrast enhance/sharpen
  • Don't clear filename after scan

ClickScan 1.4

by Chris Hynes - 10 February 2013

I just pushed out ClickScan v1.4, a minor release.


  • Added sorting for profiles by name in all lists and menus
  • Fixed issue when editing profile under rare circumstances
  • Fixed thumbnail fill on scan form

ClickScan Released!

by Chris Hynes - 23 July 2012

We've been hard at work putting the finishing touches on ClickScan for the past couple of months. Now it's finally time to reveal our creation to the world!

The basic idea for ClickScan came as most good ideas do -- a way to fix something that annoyed me. As they say, "scratch your own itch."

I like to minimize paper as much as I can in my business and personal life, so every piece of paper gets scanned and dumped into my electronic document structure.

Every scanning tool I've tried seems to want to be some kind of document manager, which turns into some big program exploding with features you don't need that just get in your way. After enough frustration, and after hearing from many other friends and colleagues that they had the same problem, I decided to do something about it.

Thus, ClickScan was born. ClickScan is the opposite of all other scan programs. They end up being monstrosities because they try to support everything and add every feature imaginable. ClickScan focuses on simplicity and the functionality you'll use every day. I don't want a program that tries to "manage" my scanned documents. I just want to scan a document and drop it into the right folder on my hard drive as fast and easily as possible.

This is the essence of ClickScan.

The real killer feature of ClickScan is the right click support. Right click in any folder on your computer and you can select the profile and be ready to scan in one click. This works in My Documents, Desktop, all of your other local folders, and even online document services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive.

If you don't have the location open, you can use ClickScan like other scan programs by opening up the ClickScan app, selecting a profile, and scanning that way, but the right click menu makes it so much faster and easier.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I'd love to hear them -- email me at I personally review every email.